Doctoral Workshop Papers from "Information Seeking in Context" - an International Conference on Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Contexts, Sheffield, August 1998

Mapping the development of user constructs of relevance assessment as informed by topicality, by Theresa Anderson

Modelling the information seeking and use process in the workplace: employing sense-making approach, by Bonnie Wai-yi Cheuk

The role of telecentres in the provision of community access to electronic information, by Debbie Ellen

University students' information seeking behaviour in a changing learning environment - How are students' information needs, seeking and use affected by new teaching methods?, by Eeva-Liisa Eskola

Information seeking in the newsroom: application of the cognitive framework for analysis of the work context, by Hannele Fabritius

Investigating methods for understanding user requirements for information products, by Mark Hepworth

Paranormal information seeking in everyday life -- part II: the paranormal in information action, by Jarkko Kari

Work-related use of an electronic network, by Leena Lintilš

The discourses of contemporary information science research: an alternative approach, by Michael Olsson

Solving problems on the World Wide Web, by Nils Pharo

The impact of access to electronic and digital information resources on learning opportunities for young people: a grounded theory approach, by Alison Pickard

The use of the Internet by English academics, by Wendy Shaw

Information seeking in electronic environment: a comparative investigation among computer scientists in British and Greek Universities, by Rania Siatri

Information as social and intellectual capital in the research career: a gender perspective, by Gunilla Wiklund

The use of certainty and the role of topic and comment in interpersonal information seeking interaction, by Kyunghye Yoon

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