Exploring information behaviour: an introduction

by T.D. Wilson.

An open access publication

This quarter we bring you a book bonus: the 'preliminary' edition of Exploring information behaviour: an introduction. The edition is 'preliminary' in the sense that the book is still under development and some changes, most likely minor, will be made. This is a small book, which does not aim to cover everything in the field of information behaviour: Donald Case's book, Looking for information, does that very well. This is simply a book about my own behavioural theory of information discovery - hence its brevity.

Because the book is not yet considered to be finished (insofar as any book of this kind can be finished), I'll be happy to have comments, criticisms, and suggestions for improvement. If you think others may be interested, please pass it on - the more diverse the feedback I get, the better. The book has already been 'field-tested' to some extent by colleagues in S. Africa and Germany and I'll be interested to hear from anyone who uses it as a student text.

The book is available as an EPUB or a PDF file: simply click on the appropriate link below. The book was prepared using Apple's iBooks Author software, and can be read with Apple's Books app, so that version is probably the most appropriate. If you are a Kindle user, the PDF file can be read on that device or on the Kindle app for the iPad or other tablet computers.

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EPUB version
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PDF version

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