Information Seeking in Context: the Fourth International Conference on Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Contexts.

Lisbon, Portugal - September 11-13, 2002


The fourth ISIC Conference in Lisbon will be an opportunity to hear results of the latest research in the field of information seeking, to debate methodological issues and to discuss emerging and further areas of research.

All participants of the previous ISIC Conferences are welcome in 2002 in Lisbon and we hope that many other researchers from information related fields will also be attracted.

The themes of the conference will be:

  1. Theories and models of information seeking;
  2. Research approaches and methodologies;
  3. Information seeking in specific contexts, e.g, health care, education etc.;
  4. Organizational structures and processes and information seeking: the impact of structures and processes on ISB of organizational members, and the relationship of ISB to work tasks and their complexity;
  5. Information behaviour in every day life, i.e., information seeking to support citizenship, parenting, career development, etc. Including its role in community activities and processes (including the role of the Web in supporting such behaviour and the development of virtual communities);
  6. Integrating studies on information seeking and retrieval, i.e, research into the relationship between information searching and retrieval and the broader field of information seeking, including the role of Web-based searching in the overall information seeking process;
  7. Information use - how information is used to help solve the original problem or satisfy the initial need.

We are soliciting original research papers not exceeding 5000 words. Longer papers will be rejected immediately. Most of the papers should be intended to be presented orally, but a poster session will also be available.

Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. The acceptable format is MS Word in .rtf format. If electronic submission is not possible five paper copies should be sent the address below. Submissions must include in a separate sheet the name, affiliation, complete address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the author(s) and a list of at least four keywords.

The papers will be published by Taylor Graham in the New Review of Information Behaviour Research.

Papers in electronic form should be sent by email to: Prof. Doutora Maria Joaquina Barrulas

Paper copies of the texts should be sent to:
Prof. Doutora Maria Joaquina Barrulas
Information Seeking in Context 2002
Universidade Lusíada
Rua da Junqueira, 188-198
P-1349-001 Lisboa


Papers submitted to the Permanent Committee by February 1, 2002
After reviewing notification of acceptance will be sent not later than 20 April, 2002
Venue and Conference details will be announced shortly, on the Conference web site.