Information seeking behaviour in music conductors’ repertoire selection


  • Christina Firkins University of Pretoria
  • Michael Barrett-Berg University of Pretoria
  • Ina Fourie University of Pretoria



information behaviour, information seeking behaviour, music conductors, repertoire selection, repertoire selection process


Introduction. Music repertoire selection is a process driven by music conductors. They focus on scoring, ensemble composition, acquisition methods (i.e., acquiring the music). Information needs and seeking are core to repertoire selection and conductors’ tasks/roles. It cannot be considered in isolation; other conductor responsibilities, past experiences, and external factors (e.g., finances) influence the process and information seeking. We report findings from an exploratory study conducted in 2023 with 37 conductors.

Method. Brief literature review, triangulated with findings from a mixed-method study. A semi-structured questionnaire collected quantitative data from 37 conductors and individual online interviews collected qualitative data from two conductors.

Analysis. Quantitative data revealed typical tasks requiring information, issues to consider in repertoire selection (e.g., text, ensemble capabilities), internet usage and other information seeking activities and sources. Qualitative data elaborated on factors influencing repertoire selection and information seeking e.g., repertoire inspiration and financial factors.

Results & discussion. Three core themes influencing information seeking are discussed: process of repertoire selection, user (individual conductor) characteristics, external factors. The repertoire selection (process) is mapped against information seeking behaviour (activities, sources), user characteristics and external factors.

Conclusion. Music repertoire selection’s interdependence with other tasks of music conductors, the importance of individuality and inevitable external factors, influence information seeking.




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Firkins, C., Barrett-Berg, M., & Fourie, I. (2024). Information seeking behaviour in music conductors’ repertoire selection. Information Research an International Electronic Journal, 29(2), 275–301.