Information practices in multi-professional work in urban planning


  • Anna Suorsa University of Oulu
  • Anna-Maija Multas University of Oulu
  • Emilia Rönkkö University of Oulu
  • Eevi Juuti University of Oulu
  • Anelma Lammi Finnish Lung Health Organisation
  • Heidi Enwald University of Oulu



information practices, workplace information practices, information use in decision-making


Introduction. This study investigates information practices to develop multi-professional work in the planning of healthy living environments in and around urban planning.

Method. A qualitative approach was used to study information practices in two city organisations in Finland. 16 professionals working in urban planning, urban planning, traffic, landscaping, promotion of well-being and environmental health and protection were interviewed in semi-structural interviews.

Analysis. Interview data was analysed with content analysis, focusing on the information practices in their organisational and multi-professional context.

Results. The professionals maintained and developed information practices to use, seek, share and create information in their work on urban planning within city organisations and in the stakeholder networks.

Conclusion. The complexity of information-based decision-making can be understood by understanding the wide range of information practices as using, seeking, sharing, and creating information in multi-professional work. In addition, it is important to note, that also organising and managing both information and information practices are needed in information-based decision-making.




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Suorsa, A., Multas, A.-M., Rönkkö, E., Juuti, E., Lammi, A., & Enwald, H. (2024). Information practices in multi-professional work in urban planning. Information Research an International Electronic Journal, 29(2), 557–572.