Creating, using, and sharing embodied information in the ultrarunning community on Instagram


  • Laura Williams University of Sheffield
  • Andrew Cox University of Sheffield
  • Andrea Jimenez University of Sheffield



embodied information, social media, lesiure activities, information practices


Introduction. This paper discusses how ultrarunners create, use, and share embodied information on Instagram. The research explores how embodied information is used beyond the run, asking how visual social media digital practices shape how information is created, used, and shared.

Method. Immersive observation of the ultrarunning community on Instagram was used to explore the use of embodied information.

Analysis. Ethnographic data was analysed as an iterative and reflexive process. Data collection, analysis, and writing are intertwined processes in the research design.

Results. The visual affordances of Instagram allow embodied information to be created, used and shared.  Six genres of information about ultrarunning, which incorporate embodied information using visual media, are identified. Embodied information relating to the key genres of ultrarunning is shared using on the run video, live broadcasts, photographs of kit and data infographics.

Conclusion. The paper contributes to the body of knowledge about embodied information by providing insight into how visual social media affordances support the creation, use, and sharing of embodied information.




How to Cite

Williams, L., Cox, A., & Jimenez, A. (2024). Creating, using, and sharing embodied information in the ultrarunning community on Instagram. Information Research an International Electronic Journal, 29(2), 635–651.