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Volume 8 No 4 July, 2003


Papers from the Department of Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.

Guest Editorial

Peter Brophy
Synchronised Object Retrieval: the enhancement of information retrieval performance in multimedia environments using synchronisation protocols

F.C.Johnson, J.R. Griffiths and R.J. Hartley
Task dimensions of user evaluations of information retrieval systems

Jillian R. Griffiths
Evaluation of the JISC Information Environment: student perceptions of services

Margaret Markland
Embedding online information resources in Virtual Learning Environments: some implications for lecturers and librarians of the move towards delivering teaching in the online environment

Jenny Craven
Access to electronic resources by visually impaired people

Sirje Virkus
Information literacy in Europe: a literature review

Other refereed papers

Mariângela Spotti Lopes Fujita, Maria Isabel Asperti Nardi and Silvana Aparecida Fagundes
Observing documentary reading by verbal protocol

Resúmenes en Español

Watch this: corralling wild bits — one of a series of occasional columns by Terrence A. Brooks of the Information School, University of Washington, USA.


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Conference announcements

ball A message to Conference organizers.

Conference announcement: Toward a user-centred approach to digital libraries, Espoo, Finland, 8-9 September 2003

Canadian Association for Information Science 2004 Annual Conference, June 3-5. Access to information: technologies, skills, and socio-political context

ISIC (Information Seeking in Context) 2004, Dublin, Ireland, 1-3 September 2004

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