The Management Information Needs of Academic Heads of Department in Universities

Appendix 3

Interview schedule for Administrators

Part One

Perhaps we could begin by asking you a few basic questions about your organisation.

  1. What is the proper title of your organisation?
  2. Could you tell me a little of the history of [....]?

3) Could you tell me how the [....] is organised?

4) What sort of services does the [.....] provide?

Part Two

Moving on now, let's turn to your provision of information to academic Heads of Department.

5) I was wondering if you could explain to me what sorts of information does the [.....] provide to academic Heads of Department?

6) Do you feel that academic Heads of Departments make effective use of the services you supply?

7) Looking at this list could you tell me if the [.....] provides any of these types of information to academic Heads of Department.

[a] Competitor intelligence

[b] Research funding alternatives

[c] Attracting students to departments

[d] Information on students

[e] Support for ongoing research

[f] Staff development

[g] Performance indicators

[h] Travel awards

[i] Developing new courses

[j] Developments in higher education

[k] Teaching skills

[l] Developing other resource alternatives

[m] Financial management information

[n] Student scholarships and awards

[o] Other financial support

[p] Special needs

[q] Developing exchange programmes

[r] Support for sandwich courses

[s] Links with industry

[t] Links with extra-mural bodies

8) Are there any other types of information that you provide that are not on the paper?

9) In what ways do you supply information about [....]to academic Heads of Department?

10) Does the [....] work with other organisations to provide information for this purpose?

11) Would you say that it is university policy for the [....] to act as a source of management information for academic Heads of Department?

12) What would you consider the problems or barriers in providing academic Heads of Departments with this type of information?

13) Do you think that the academic Heads of Departments make as much use of management information services as they might?

I think that is about all I would like to ask. Is there anything you would like to ask me about? Thanks.

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The Management Information Needs of Academic Heads of Department in Universities: a Critical Success Factors Approach, by Francis Greene, Brendan Loughridge and Tom Wilson
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