ballProceedings of ISIC: the information behaviour conference, Murcia, 29 September - 1 October, 2010. Part 2.

Keynote Address
Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson
Beyond eureka moments: supporting the invisible work of creativity and innovation
Christine Urquhart
Meta-synthesis of research on information seeking behaviour
Jesús Tramullas and Piedad Garrido
Weblog publishing behaviour of librarianship and information science students: a case study.
Kendra S. Albright
Psychodynamic perspectives in information behaviour
H. Julien and K. Williamson
Discourse and practice in information literacy and information seeking: gaps and opportunities
M. Rosario Fernandez Falero and Diego Peral Pacheco
Comportamiento humano de la información comercial: teleformación en España
Isto Huvila
"I asked my Mum, but..." and other cases of unsuccessful information seeking by asking.
F.J. Martinez, J.A. Pastor, J.V. Rodriguez, Rosana Lopez and J.V. Rodriguez Jr.
Developments in search engine presentation of search results
Harry Bruce, Abraham Wenning, Elisabeth Jones, Julia Vinson and William Jones
Seeking an ideal solution to the management of personal information collections
Joan C. Bartlett, Yusuke Ishimura and Lorie A. Kloda
Why Choose This One? Factors in scientistsí selection of bioinformatics tools
Nozomi Ikeya, Shunsaku Tamura, Makiko Miwa, Mika Koshizuka, Seiichi Saito and Yumiko Kasai
In search of facilitating citizens' problem solving: public libraries' collaborative development of services with related organizations
Ágústa Pálsdóttir
Icelanders and trust in the Internet as a source of health and life-style information
Ya-Ling Lu
Everyday hassles and related information behaviour among youth: a case study in Taiwan

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