Reijo Savolainen
Dialogue processes in online information seeking and sharing: a study of an asynchronous discussion group
Reijo Savolainen
For or against Brexit? Justifying oppositional arguments in online discussion
Feng Yang, Shan Zhao, Wenyong Li, Richard Evans, and Wei Zhang
Understanding user satisfaction with Chinese government social media platforms
Judit Bar-Ilan, Tali Gazit, and Yair Amichai-Hamburger
Leading factors that explain engagement in closed Facebook groups
Keng-Pei Lin, Tzu-Lin Chang, Yi-Wei Chang, and Jia-Wun Cai
Use of news and patent mining to identify companies with growth potential
Ming Zhu and Xizhu Liao
Chatman’s theory of life in the round applied to the information seeking of small populations of ethnic minorities in China
Mandy Dang, Yulei (Gavin) Zhang, and Kevin Trainor
Investigating perception biases on intellectual property search systems: a study on the priming effect
Martijn Huisman, Stijn Joye, and Daniël Biltereyst
To share or not to share: an explorative study of health information non-sharing behaviour among Flemish adults aged fifty and over
A.F. Tyson and Jesse David Dinneen
A cross-discipline comparison of subject guides and resource discovery tools
Loukia Drosopoulou and Andrew M. Cox
Information School academics and the value of their personal digital archives
T.D. Wilson
The transfer of theories and models from information behaviour research into other disciplines

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Conference announcements and calls for papers

ISIC 2020, the 13th information behaviour conference, 28th September to 2nd October, 2020, will be held now as a virtual conference. Information on the revised, modest fees is to be found here: http://www.isic2020.co.za/index.php/registration-and-fees/


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