James E. Herring
From school to work and from work to school: information environments and transferring information literacy practices
Peta Wellstead
Information behaviour of Australian men experiencing stressful life events: the role of social networks and confidants
JungWon Yoon
A comparative study of methods to explore searchers' affective perceptions of images.
Vivienne Waller
The search queries that took Australian Internet users to Wikipedia
Helaiel Almutairi
Factors affecting the information behaviour of managers in the Kuwaiti civil service: a relational model
Stefan Koch, Aysegul Toker and Philip Brulez
Extending the Technology Acceptance Model with perceived community characteristics
Daniel G. Dorner and G.E. Gorman
Contextual factors affecting learning in Laos and the implications for information literacy education
Yujong Hwang
Measuring information behaviour performance inside a company: a case study

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