Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, Denmark, 19-22 August, 2013

Thanks to Jeppe Nicolaisen and colleagues at the Royal School in Copenhagen for the conversion of the papers to html. The papers were peer-reviewed for the Conference but have not been through the journal's copy-editing and final proof-reading. and, in general, therefore, do not conform to the journal's style requirements and standards.

Full papers

Colleen Addison and Eric Meyers Perspectives on information literacy: a framework for conceptual understanding
Ragnar Audunson and Svanhild Aabø From collections to connections: building a revised platform for library and information science
Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson The 4Ps of innovation culture: conceptions of creatively engaging with information
David Bawden and Lyn Robinson "Deep down things": in what ways is information physical, and why does it matter for information science?
John M. Budd and Ashley Anstaett Disposal of information seeking and retrieval research: replacement with a radical proposition
Javier Calzada Prado and Miguel Angel Marzal Library and information professionals as knowledge engagement specialists. Theories, competencies and current educational possibilities in accredited graduate programmes
Hanna Carlsson, Fredrik Hanell and Karolina Lindh Exploring multiple spaces and practices: a note on the use of ethnography in research in library and information studies
Sylvain K. Cibangu Toward a critique of the information age: Herbert Marcuses contribution to information science's conceptions
Amanda F. Cossham Bibliographic records in an online environment
Marija Dalbello Digitality, epistolarity and reconstituted letter archives
Kristian Delica and Hans Elbeshausen Socio-cultural innovation through and by public libraries in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Denmark: concepts and practices
Johanna Rivano Eckerdal Empowering interviews: narrative interviews in the study of information literacy in everyday life settings
Catarina A.M Eriksson, Katarina E. Michnik and Yoshiko Nordeborg The public library user and the charter tourist: two travellers, one analogy
Melanie Feinberg, Julia Bullard and Daniel Carter Using design experiments to investigate conceptual issues in knowledge organization: an ongoing study
Fiorella Foscarini Record as social action: understanding organizational records through the lens of genre theory
Martin H. Frické Facets: ersatz, resource and tag
Jenna Hartel Castles and inverted castles: the work of Marcia J. Bates
Kim Holmberg, Andrew Tsou and Cassidy R. Sugimoto The conceptual landscape of iSchools: examining current research interests of faculty members
Frances Hultgren and Barbro Johansson Making sense of participation in cultural activities for children
Isto Huvila Metagames in information work
Timothy Jozef Huzar The public library, democracy and Rancière’s poetics of politics
Peter Kåhre Library and information science's ontological position in the networked society: using new technology to get back to an old practice
Lai Ma Is information still relevant?
María J. López-Huertas Transcultural categorization in contextualized domains
Anna Hampson Lundh, Louise Limberg and Annemaree Lloyd Swapping settings: researching information literacy in workplace and in educational contexts
Tanja Merčun, Katarina Švab, Viktor Harej and Maja Žumer Creating better library information systems: the road to FRBR-land
Staša Milojević Different traditions in the study of disciplinarity in science – science and technology studies, library and information science and scientometrics
Camilla Moring and Annemaree Lloyd Analytical implications of using practice theory in workplace information literacy research
Takako Nomura and Nadia Caidi Heritage language acquisition and maintenance: home literacy practices of Japanese-speaking families in Canada
A. Noorhidawati, N. Fariza Hanum and N. Zohoorian-Fooladi Social tagging in a scholarly digital library environment: users' perspectives
Michael Olsson Gently to hear, kindly to judge: the affective information practices of theatre professionals and journalists
Trine Schreiber Questioning a discourse of information literacy practice in web-based tutorials
Paul Scifleet, Maureen Henninger and Kathryn H. Albright When social media are your source
Olle Sköld Tracing traces: a document-centred approach to the preservation of virtual world communities.
Eero Sormunen, Mikko Tanni and Jannica Heinström Students’ engagement in collaborative knowledge construction in group assignments for information literacy
Sonja Špiranec and Denis Kos Information literacy practices and student protests: mapping community information landscapes
Kim Tallerås From many records to one graph: concepts of restructuring
Joseph T. Tennis Metaphors of time and installed knowledge organization systems: Ouroboros, Architectonics, or Lachesis?
Gary B. Thompson and Jonathan W. Lathey An integrated model of information literacy, based upon domain learning
Deborah Turner and Warren Allen Documents, dialogue and the emergence of tertiary orality
Zoran Velagić and Damir Hasenay Understanding textual authorship in the digital environment: lessons from historical perspectives
Lin Wang Cultural-historical activity theory and domain analysis: metatheoretical implications for information science.
Yuko Yoshida Public libraries as places for empowering women through autonomous learning activities
Guo Zhang and Elin K. Jacob Understanding boundaries: physical, epistemological and virtual dimensions

Short papers

John M. Budd Scholarly communication's problems: an analysis
Nicole A. Cooke and Merinda Kaye Hensley The critical and continuing role of library and information science curriculum in the teacher training of future librarians
Chern Li Liew Digital cultural heritage 2.0: a meta-design consideration
G. Masó-Maresma and M. Sebastiá-Salat The integration of folksonomies within a thesaurus in a social science Web portal: SIDBRINT
Jeppe Nicolaisen and Tove Faber Frandsen Core journals in library and information science: measuring the level of specialization over time
Marie L. Radford, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Stephanie Mikitish, Mark Alpert, Chirag Shah and Nicole Cooke Conceptualizing collaboration and community in virtual reference and social question and answer services
Iulian Vamanu Hermeneutics: a sketch of a metatheoretical framework for library and information science research
Katharine Claire Whaite New ways of exploring the catalogue: incorporating text and culture
Anna Ching-Yu Wong Using the critical incident technique to evaluate the service quality perceptions of public library users: an exploratory study

Conference announcements

17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, Valetta, Malta, 22-26 September, 2013
European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), Istanbul, Turkey, 22-25 October, 2013
ISIC: The Information Behaviour Conference, Leeds, 2-5 September, 2014

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