Muhammad Asif Naveed. Information literacy self-efficacy of scientists working at the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Matt Balogh, William Billingsley, David Paul, and Mary Anne Kennan. Understanding the management of personal records at home: a virtual guided tour
Reijo Savolainen. What drives people to prefer health-related misinformation? The viewpoint of motivated reasoning
Sinyinda Muwanei, Sri Devi Ravana, Wai Lam Hoo, and Douglas Kunda. Prediction of the high-cost normalised discounted cumulative gain (nDCG) measure in information retrieval evaluation
Marco Capocasa, Paolo Anagnostou, and Giovanni Destro Bisol. A light in the dark: open access to medical literature and the COVID-19 pandemic
Murat Konca, Şenol Demirci, Cuma Çakmak, and Özgür Uğurluoğlu. Exploring the socio-economic determinants of health information-seeking behaviour on the Internet in Turkey
Tami Oliphant, Tanya Berry, and Colleen M. Norris. ‘In a perfect world doctors and the medical profession would accept people for who they are’: women’s heart health information practices
Heidi Enwald, Vincas Grigas, Jurgita Rudžionienė, and Terttu Kortelainen. Data sharing practices in open access mode: a study of the willingness to share data in different disciplines
Simon Wakeling, Danny Kingsley, Hamid R. Jamali, Mary Anne Kennan, and Maryam Sarrafzadeh. Free for all, or free-for-all? A content analysis of Australian university open access policies
Wen-Yau Liang, Chun-Che Huang, and Bo-Ren ShihThe adaptation of the information system success model in recommender systems. The validation of the dual-coding theory
Tumpe Ndimbwa, Kelefa Mwantimwa, and Faraja Ndumbaro. Smallholder farmers’ satisfaction with agricultural information accessed in rural Tanzania

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