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Volume 7 No 1 October 2001

ISSN 1368-1613

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ball General Editorial

Special Issue on Environmental Scanning and Competitive Intelligence

ball Issue Editorial

ball Environmental scanning as information seeking and organizational learning, by Chun Wei Choo, University of Toronto, Canada

ball Scanning and vicarious learning from adverse events in health care, by Anu MacIntosh-Murray, University of Toronto, Canada

ball Factors influencing environmental scanning in the organizational context, by Zita Correia, National Institute for Engineering and Industrial Technology, Lisbon, Portugal and T.D. Wilson, University of Sheffield, UK

ball Information as a tool for management decision making: a case study of Singapore, by Shrianjani Marie (Gina) de Alwis, Singapore Institute of Management and Susan Ellen Higgins, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

ball Finding competitive intelligence on Internet start-up companies: a study of secondary resource use and information-seeking processes, by Sanda Erdelez, University of Missouri-Columbia and Nicole Ware, University of Texas at Austin, USA

ball Environmental scan on women's health information resources in Ontario, Canada, by Christine Marton, University of Toronto, Canada

ball Intelligence obtained by applying data mining to a database of French theses on the subject of Brazil, by Kira Tarapanoff, Luc Quoniam, Rogério Henrique de Araújo Júnior, and Lillian Alvares, Brazil.

ball Using information technology to support knowledge conversion processes, by Rodrigo Baroni de Carvalho, Banco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais and Marta Araújo Tavares Ferreira, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Additional Refereed Papers

ball Bibliometrics of electronic journals in information science, by Donald T. Hawkins, Editor-in-Chief, Information Science Abstracts, Medford, NJ, USA

ball Strategy, information processing and scorecard models in the UK financial services sector, by Judith Broady-Preston & Tim Hayward, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.

Working Paper

ball Focus on further education of librarians in Latvia, by Iveta Gudakovska, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

new  Abstracts in Spanish/Resúmenes en Español  new

Calls for papers

ball  Fourth International Conference on Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Context - ISIC2002

ball  Call for Papers: "Knowledge Management and the Emperor's New Clothes" - a special issue of Information Research

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