Special issue: Proceedings of the 15th ISIC - The Information Behaviour Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, August 26-29, 2024


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‘It never seems to stop’ Six high school students’ experiences of information overload
Mira Grønning Aadland, Jannica Heinström

Exploring scholarly perceptions of preprint servers
Shir Aviv-Reuven, Jenny Bronstein, Ariel Rosenfeld

Enhancing conceptualisations of information behaviour contexts through insights from research on e-dictionaries and e-lexicography
Theo JD Bothma, Ina Fourie

Trends in data literacy, 2018-2023: a review of the literature
Leanne Bowler, Charlie Shaw

Analysis of collaborative innovation behaviour and its influencing factors in scientific research crowdsourcing platforms: based on the fsQCA method
Jiajun Cao, Yuefen Wang, Xin Xie, Yuanzhi Lv, Peng Chen

Information relations for social change: exploring the information behaviour of academics undertaking impact work
Joann Cattlin, Lisa M. Given

Collaborating, collecting and representing: queer independent archives and their connections with GLAM institutions in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Alison S. Day

Health information post-encountering behaviours on social media platforms
Khalid U Fallatah, Morgan A Harvey, Sophie Rutter

Information seeking behaviour in music conductors’ repertoire selection
Christina Firkins, Michael Barrett-Berg, Ina Fourie

Models and theories that can guide grief and bereavement information interventions: an information behaviour lens
Ina Fourie

Case study on a scientific oral history project using information practice analysis
Deborah A. Garwood

The reading practices of people with neuropsychiatric disabilities: a review of library and information science literature
Katarina Hagberg, Karin Lundin, Anna Lundh, Åse Hedemark

Representational exchange and edgework: towards theorising the coping with fragmentary information
Isto Huvila

Situating complexity: information behaviour in the contact zone
Joy Nam Hye Lim

Digital health applications and health literacy: an explorative analysis
Aylin Imeri, Sabrina Schorr, Sebastian Merkel

To share or not to share? Image data sharing in the social sciences and humanities
Elina Late, Mette Skov, Sanna Kumpulainen

Analysing humanities scholars’ data seeking behaviour patterns using Ellis' model
Wenqi Li, Pengyi Zhang, Jun Wang

Can ChatGPT provide health information as physicians do? Preliminary findings from a cross-sectional study of online medical consultation
Siqi Luo, Hongyi Qin, Hanlin Li, Cui Huang

Mapping the road ahead: understanding social factors that shape vehicle residents’ information grounds
Kaitlin E. Montague

An information behaviour exploration of personal and family information and curation of our life histories
Bhuva Narayan, Annemarie Zijlema, Vanessa Reyes, Mary Anne Kennan

Layers upon layers: data sharing & reuse challenges in archaeological contexts
Michael Olsson, Olle Sköld, Lisa Andersson

Development in the adoption of a national digital healthcare system and experience at taking new technology in use – changes from 2019 to 2022
Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Ubiquitous but invisible – public librarians’ self-imposed professional information practices as articulation work
Ola Pilerot, Jenny Lindberg

Transdisciplinarity: an imperative for information behaviour research
Sarah Polkinghorne, Paul Bowell, Lisa M. Given

God’s intermediaries: a study into chaplains’ information behaviour
Kieran Robson, Ian Ruthven, Perla Innocenti

COVID-19 information spaces, boundaries, and information sharing: an interview study
Togzhan Seilkhanova, Theodore Dreyfus Ledford, Jodi Schneider

Information from sound: exploring sounds and listening in information practices research
Owen Stewart-Robertson

Information practices in multi-professional work in urban planning
Anna Suorsa, Anna-Maija Multas, Emilia Rönkkö, Eevi Juuti, Anelma Lammi, Heidi Enwald

Searching for people in the workplace: aims, behaviour, and challenges
Tanja Svarre, Marianne Lykke, Ann Bygholm

Surfacing the ‘silent foundation’: which information behaviour theories are relevant to public library reference service?
Amy VanScoy, Africa S. Hands, Katarina Švab, Tanja Merčun

Using progress logs to research the information behaviour of higher education students in prison
Isabel Virgo

Savolainen’s everyday information practices: concept and development
Xinyue Wang

Digital stress among Chinese adolescents: a focus group study
Zhang Wen, Chen Yifan, Cao Gaohui

Creating, using, and sharing embodied information in the ultrarunning community on Instagram
Laura Williams, Andrew Cox, Andrea Jimenez

Isolated, individualised, and immobilised: information behaviour in the context of academic casualisation
Rebekah Willson, Owen Stewart-Robertson, Heidi Julien, Lisa M. Given

Contextual information needs of people in life transitions struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder
Dawei Wu, Yuxiang Chris Zhao, Yan Zhang, Shijie Song

Engaging with AI painting: exploring motivations and challenges in laypeople's creative information practices
Xiaoyu Zhang, Sicheng Zhu, Yuxiang Chris Zhao, Mingxia Jia, Qinghua Zhu

Examining information needs of public data service users: a study based on the ‘Message Board for Leaders of People’s Daily in China’
Xiaoyue Zhang, Jinya Liu, Xinyue Wang, Wanteng Ma, Pu Yan



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