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Zohreh Estakhr, Hajar Sotudeh, and Javad Abbaspour. The cost-effectiveness of the article-processing-charge-funded model across countries in different scientific blocks: the case of Elsevier's hybrid open access journals
Reijo Savolainen. Expert power as a constituent of opinion leadership: a conceptual analysis
Millicent Weber, Rebecca Giblin, Yanfang Ding, and François Petitjean-Hèche. Exploring the circulation of digital audiobooks: Australian library lending 2006–2017
Muhaimin Karim, Shahrokh Nikou, and Gunilla Widén. The role of youths’ perceived information literacy in their assessment of youth information and counselling services
Muhammad Asif Naveed, Syeda Hina Batool, and Mumtaz Ali Anwar. Resident university students’ everyday-life information seeking behaviour in Pakistan
Olubukola M. Akanbi and Ina Fourie. The information source preferences and information monitoring behaviour of pregnant women in Pretoria, South Africa

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